Gallant Gunleather specializes in concealed carry holsters, magazine carriers and belts. 


Having grown up around firearms, I took an interest in them at an early age. Following in my father’s footsteps, I began as a gunsmith back in 1989. Several years ago, as I began carrying a concealed weapon, I found a shortfall in simple concealable holsters. Most holsters were mass-produced and lacked a tailored fit, and those companies that did build holsters by hand oftentimes had huge waiting times. And so Gallant Gunleather was created, a veteran owned and operated business specializing in concealed carry and comfort.
Have a style or idea for a holster or accessory, let me know. I also do special orders. I also do saddle and horse tack repairs.



Built from quality Herman Oak leather, I take great pride in knowing that each product I construct will be around for a long time.

My products are - hand crafted every step of the way--from the cutting of the leather through the dyeing, forming and finishing process. Each holster is formed to the specific firearm that it is ordered for. Great care is taken to produce a holster that is of high quality, functional and comfortable.